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The Film

It is an animated , drama and adventure Film . Directed by Wayne Thornley and Written by Andrew Cook, Delle Donne and Anthony Silverston.
This is the first movie produced by Triggerfish Animation Studios, Distributed by Sony Pictures  and CMG in Mexico and distribution in charge of Videocine.

The English voices are Jeremy Suarez (Kai), Abigail Breslin (Zoe), Jeff Goldblum, Leonard Nimoy (Head Sekhuru) and Samuel L. Jackson (Tendai). At its Spanish version will be: Odalys Ramirez (ZOE), Patricio Borghetti (KAI) and Maurice Clark (EZEE).

About the Film

The film is set in the exotic, Victoria Falls , in the heart of Africa. The  birds city of Zambezia , governed by Sekhuru. History will submit to Kain (Patricio Borghetti) a young falcon who leaves his home to join the brave warriorsHurricanewho defend Zambezia   of any danger. His father tried to go for his son, this will lead us to live many adventures in the beautiful surroundings of the Zambezi River in Africa living the with all its essence and splendor.

Triggerfish Animation Studios Logo 2012

About …

Triggerfish Animation Studios is an Animation Studio in South Africa, founded in 1996, making it the most memorable commercial in the región.Thanks to  this success in 2001 were invited to the local version of the television showSesame Streetcompleting 3 seasons for the local version and for  the US version 4 .Triggerfish Animation Studios then have grown to become the largest company in Africa  of CG animation.

Jumping onto the world stage with our first feature film, Adventures in Zambezia (starring Abigail Breslin, Leonard Nimoy and Samuel L. Jackson) and the second film, Kumbha, following close behind. With two films behind us world class animated Triggerfish Animation Studios is a major player in the development of thriving local industry in South Africa and one of the most exciting technology companies in Africa.

Adventures in Zambezia was selected for screening at the prestigious International Film Festival of Annecy Animation and won the Best Feature category South Africa in Durban International Film Festival 2012. Adventures in Zambezia will become the most successful film export from Africa.

In Few Words…

Zambezia is a very interesting project for the CG Animation World , and a very funny and entertaining movie for the whole family from the smallest to the biggest, everyone will like, with its colorful characters, settings very exotic and spectacular not to be missed in your favorite movies from Friday, May 31.

 More info please visit:  Trigerfish  Zambezia

You  Can See the HD Trailer Here / Puedes ver el Trailer en HD  aqui

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