Cinco de Mayo: The Battle

Spanish Version 

5 de Mayo :La Batalla / Videocine
5 de Mayo :La Batalla / Videocine

Is a Drama- Historical Mexican Film , Produced with the Gobierno del Estado de Puebla  a Co-Production with Gala Films,Estudios Churubusco Azteca,Equipment & Film Desing, Labodigital and Televisa Films.Directed and written by Rafa Lara a Paco Gallastegui production .Distribution by Videocine and Pantelion Films .

The main cast is formed by :
Christian Vazquez .-Juan
Liz Gallardo .- Citlali
Kuno Bécker.-Gral Ignacio Zaragoza
William Miller Cónde de Lorencéz
Jose Carlos Montés Roldán.-Teniente Fauvet
Javier Oliván.- Artemio
Noé Hernadez.-Presidente de México Don Benito Juárez
Pascacio López.-General Porfirio Díaz

The movie is settled in 1862 in Mexico , when Napoleon´s III Invincible French Army invade Mexico triying to stablish a monarchy, with the help of the mexican “nobility”, having as final goal to go to United States of America and join with the Confederate States we know the
General Ignacio Zaragoza is the main character of the 5 May Battle , but the director Rafa Lara wanted to show  us  the anonymous heroes who hive their courage and soul to defend Mexico. Letting us the leasson that mexico with a unexpert army defeat the “best army ” of that time

The movie ambientation is very well done ,because was filmed in Puebla and Veracruz the real locations of the historical events .The Director Rafa Lara mentioned at the press conference some interesting facts of the filming such as; it took 9 weeks, setting a record for such a big movie.
The production team was bigger than 700 people having 16 professional stunts and 300 extras,130 horses and 1000 clothing pieces, also having 300 special efects and digital effects with more than 200 audio channels for the complex audio design .

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WEe  can tell “Cinco de Mayo :The Battle” is a great moving , sharing important national values,and respect,also teaching us that you can always achieve any goal no matter how hard it is. The movie being as big as it is due to the production and post production leaves Mexican Cinematography to the
expectation to produce more epic and great movies and histories.

A Great Historical and Drama movie it with leave us stick to our seats, waiting for more , you cant miss it,starting ,3 may of 2013 in your favourite cinema.

You Can See the HD Trailer here.

Cinco de Mayo: The Battle  : Genre: Drama / Historia Country: Mexico  Year201 3 LanguajeEspañol/Subtitles:English  Duration: 2 Hours 5 minutes  Director :Rafa Lara Script: Rafa Lara Cast: Christian Vazquez, Liz Gallardo, Kuno Bécker, William Miller,  Jose Carlos Montés Roldán, Javier Oliván, Noé Hernadez, Pascacio López

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