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Paperman Poster  Disney  Anmation Studios
Paperman Poster Disney Anmation Studios

Paperman is the Disney Animation Studios short film which is nominated for The Academy Award “The Oscar” in the category of “Best Animated Shortfilm everyone Have seen projected in theaters this short film  before the  Disney Animated film ” Wreck-It Ralph” which also has an Oscar nomination for “Best Animated Film”. Disney On this occasion is  sharing  this wonderful short film that you can enjoy it on the net already.

The Director of this film, John Kahrs had this  wonderful idea  that came to him one day crossing  the street surrounded by people realized that somehow all the people that you come across while walking down the street or across the sidewalk often your  eyes cross with people for only a few seconds, he felt that somehow you have an instant connection with them in seconds,  but that is gone so fast and forever, then  he asked many times , how could be  this person o people that cross with him someday ,how could be her/his life, but knowing that in so little time and without knowing the could be  very complicated and knowing he would never come back to hear from these people. And so he began to question what could h happen if fate would somehow bump again or join these people.

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The black and white story of Paperman is in Manhattan in New York City during the years 1940/1950, is a love story when the life of a solitary  men would change and across a beautiful girl, the girl of his dreams at a train station, just a few seconds and a particular event would mark these two young forever, but fate or chance could catch them by surprise. The  Animation is a minimalist black and white but with delicate color tones and a simple but elegant tells this wonderful story in only 6 min, is a beautiful tribute to classic Disney animation, drawing animation Hand and combining CG animation techniques and textures in two dimensions.

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Disney to carry out this combination and provide stability and dimensionality, use an in-house  Groundbreaking technique   called “Meander”  created by Brian Whited; This program allows the drawing hand be stick or paste  to the CG dimensional layer, how this works,  first scenarios and characters are generated in CG  layers then added to these layers hand drawing layer by layer, it allows artists to add images much more emotion and a natural movement, the music of this film is in charge of Christophe Beck.

Paperman Behind The Scenes ” Paperman and the Future of 2D Animation”

You can Enjoy this Shortfilm  in HD here 🙂

Music: Christophe Beck Producer: John Lasseter Production company: Walt Disney Animation Studios Cast: Kari Wahlgren Genres: Animation, Short Film.

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