“La Cebra” Premier + Red Carpet

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Poster : La Cebra, Dragon Films
Poster : La Cebra, Dragon Films

Red Carpet + Premiere Ciudad de México

Thanks to the invitacion by Dragon Films and the cordiality from Cinemark we enjoyed a very good and enjoyable mexican movie . It was a delightful to assist to the Premier and Red Carpet of the movie “La Cebra” at Cinemark , located in the shopping mall Reforma 222, the event started around 7:30 pm . It had the assistance of the Director Fernando Javier de León ,the Producer, Socorro Méndez ,Adrían Espindola, Humberto Elizondo, Leticia Huijara,Paulina Gaitan,Raquel Pankowsky, Alendra Ley and many more guest artists .

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Red Carpet Gallery “La Cebra”
Galeria de Fotos , Alfombra Roja , Dragon Films

La Cebra´s debut ,marks the start of the Director , who had participated in shortfilms as scriptwriter .In the movie Harold Torres (Odón) and Jorge Adrián Espindola (Leandro) took part as the main roles .and Leticia Huijara (Juana) and Jesús Ochoa as special apareance alongside many others.

La Cebra” is a history , set in 1915, when Obregón triumphs over Villa ,also is a satire about the political and social events that mexico contemporaneous has now days , it show us the history of two young friends that have in common the same goal and ideals ,they want to progress .The history by itself ,make them go trough the surrounding circunstances “The Mexican Revolution

The history begins , when they find what they think is a horse “gringo” ,wich they put a singular name ,making a special touch in the movie ,the movie is funny and enjoyable , taking us into a travel of the north mexico locations where they will have to show their courage and manhood, very popular atributes in the revolutionary times .
While the movie develops ,they fall prisioners of some women , wich remember us to the “adelitas ” also they see historical characters such as General Quesada and Alvaro Obregon.You can see this funny,historical movie with a little touch of political comedy . Available in your favourite cinema this 18 January . The film has many values for mention some , friendship,hope and traition that even with the impact of time doesn’ t change .

Movie Information
Visit : La Cebra Film

Direcctor: Fernando Javier León.
Screnplay: Fernando Javier León
Photography Martín Boege.
Music: Julio de la Rosa.
Sound: Miguel Molina.
Art Direction: Alisarine Ducolomb.
Edition: Oscar Figueroa.
Producer: Socorro Méndez.
Cast: Harold Torres, Jorge Adrián Espíndola, Leticia Huijara, Paulina Gaitán, Alejandra Ley, Jesús Ochoa.

Enjoy the Trailer of The Movie 

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