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Is classified as one of the best films of the year ,directed by Michael Hanke representing his natal country ,known also by “The White Ribbon” and “The Piano Teacher”  .
This Michael Hanke´s piece already had various nominations , ” The Golden Palm” in the Cannes Festival and the award for “Best Foreign Language Film” in the Golden Globe Awards won Best Foreign Picture, also five Academy Award nominations wich are the following  : Best Picture, Best Actress in a Leading Role , Best Original Screenplay , Best Director and Best Foreign Language Film. Many could wonder what “Amour ” has for be called a masterpiece or be considered as winner in so many awards.Maybe is the way the history tells a love kind wich is not so conventional but many are familiar.

Amour Poster : Mantarraya
Amour Poster : Mantarraya

The movie is set in Paris-France in the couple´s apartment, ,filmed in french, “Anne” is Emanualle Riva and Jean-Louis Trintignat as the spouse “Georges“. It tell us the history of a lifetime couple ,a profesor of music they have a daughter “Eva” who has a normal quiet life . One day the wife suffer a heart affection , this event change her life leaving her with fragile health .It makes you think over about the real meaning of love you could have to any person ,could be a daughter a wife, your couple friend or grandpa´s and the hard turning point of changes that life has ,because that beloved one is not gonna be the same person it was.

Same time you have to deal with self emotions and doubts and situations in life. Is a movie that shocks the audience , in the way to show many concepts moving your feelings ,also we can say the role of the actress is impressing and also Emmanuelle Riva´s characterization was amazing.

Amour is a movie ,leaving you with that feeling of relfexion and thinking , how far you are able to go for love ?  You cant miss it , starting 18 January in your favourite Cinema.

Here is the Trailer Mantarraya Films, enjoy it HD.

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