Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 3D “Premiere Mexico City”

Spanish Version / Version en Español
Hansel & Gretel Cazadores de Brujas 3D . Paramount Pictures.
Hansel & Gretel Cazadores de Brujas 3D . Paramount Pictures.

Red Carpet + World Premiere Mexico City .

Hello to everyone ,as the title says today we will talk about the Mexico and Latin American Premiere of Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters 3D  in wich the actors were present in this premiere Jeremy Renner ,Gemma Arterton, the Director Tommy Wirkola and Producer Kevin Mesik .

The special invitation to us was made by Paramount Pictures Mexico,the event took place at  Cinemex Platino in Antara Polanco Mall , the appointment was Thursday 10 January .The Red Carpet had many others special guests as Danna Paola,    among others special guest and Paul Ospina as the event host.Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton were both very accessible and kind with their fans , who were so happy to remember that special moment , the movie started at 8 Pm without any problem.

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About the Movie

The movie is really good is it is dark adaptation from the Fairytale of the Brother´s Grimm ” Hansel & Gretel “ of a possible future of this brothers. The beginning with the intro title is very well animated with a Motion Graphics sequence ,using illustrations taken from the books as the sequences full of action that will put the spectator as if it would be inside the movie, and also the movie development we only can see it is really amazing

It has a little horror touch and the way it blends the original history with their possible grown up future is really good .
Also we have to say the audio mixing is good , Atli Örvarsson is  the composer of the Soundtrack wich works great with and blend very good with the Visual Effects of the movie and the history.

We really recommend the movie and in 3D it´s much better, it doesn’t matter if you are gonna see it in family or with friends you will love it .
We Hope Mexico will continue having premieres like this.

More about this event  visit https://www.facebook.com/HanselyGretel.MX   or  Paramount Mexico 

You cant miss out the next January 25 . Here is the Trailer , enjoy it HD  .

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