Tim Burton Visits Mexico City 2012

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Sparky Frankenweenie
Sparky Frankeweenie

Tim Burton visited Mexico City this weekend, to promote and talk to the press about his latest film Frankenweenie Disney, this film is produced in black and white and 3D the director wanted to create an atmosphere produce feelings in the viewer besides is created ​​in puppet animation in stop motion technique (frame by frame).

Frankenweenie tells the story of a little boy named Victor and his love for his little friend Sparky his small dog they are inseparable but makes an unfortunate incident with an experiment Victor wants desperately revive him, but this makes various events occur. Frankenweenie will premiere in theaters nationwide on October 12.

Tim Burton Mexico 2012


In addition to his  promotional schedule had time to see some sights,last Saturday he visited the Island of the Dolls in Xochimilco, but acknowledged that there was fear on the island as some people told him  had said would happen, since he has a fascination dolls and gloomy places. Also recognized that much likes culture and traditions as a special Mexican Day of the Dead as his film project in Corpse Bride, also from small Mexican enjoyed watching horror films with mixed wrestling like Holy Movies which are your favorites.

Tim Burton was happy to return to Mexico and also to see the love of his fans who throughout these days were outside the hotel where he gave lectures, supporting and showing their love and admiration towards the outside of the place posters and messages for the director, these days looked forward to see Tim Burton and not lose the hope of fulfilling his dream of seeing a few minutes.

Tim Burton Fans Mexico , Tim Burton Mexico
Tim Burton Fans Mexico .
Tim Burton Mexico

On Monday 1 October a group of fans outside the hotel decided to write two letters to the Director Tim Burton showing their  affection and admiration and support from outside the hotel,  Sandoval driver Maro  Sandoval Club and Disney Alex Montiel vloggero host of the  Youtube channel LA LATA  they gave him  these letters , who very kindly did get these letters to Tim Burton.

Just after 3 pm Tim Burton´s  team informed all the fans who waited outside the hotel that Tim would come to greet  that he was   very excited and happy for all the fans  expressions of love, Tim was very excited to see everybody there  , approached to sign autographs, take pictures with them and received gifts from their fans, which received very grateful. We have to Said Tim Burton Tim Burton showed his great humanity and love for his fans like no other director. 

Tim Burton , Tim Burton Mexico
Tim Burton recibiendo regalos de sus fans … Mexico 2012
Foto por : Applehead Ink

Notably, it was a very large sample of love and attention for the  fans who were there for days waitting who did not stop to visit this place in the hope of seeing it, that’s how much his fans and were very happy with their visit to Mexico , who had the chance to visit Xochimilco, Teotihuacan, and wento to see the Lucha Libre.
Tim Burton your fans  hope soon you will back to Mexico City again and remember that your fans and Mexico will welcome you with open arms.
More pictures for this day you can check them here http://choferdetimburton.tumblr.com/ 

Tim Burton Mexico 2012
Tim Burton Mexico 2012

You can not miss this fascinating film Frankeweenie from this coming October 12.

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